The Murray House

Paul Murray was born in Ireland in 1811. At the age of 18, in 1829, he moved, with his family, to Oxford County, Ontario.

In 1849 Paul married Lucy Bruce. He bought a quarter section of bushland in Zorra, Ontario, there they raised a family of six children, three sons, William (Bill), John and Alexander and three daughters, Mary, Annie and Jane.

The three sons were never married. Mary married Thomas Black, Annie married Christian Isaacson and Jane married James Oman Sutherland

In May 1874, after his children were grown,Paul and his three sons traveled by boat from New York to Panama, then to San Fransisco and eventually to Victoria. They stayed in Victoria a few weeks to buy supplies and then on to New Westminster. They remained in New Westminster for a short period and lived in a shack along the Fraser River.

Then Paul and his sons moved to Langley and stayed with the Morrison family for a few weeks. They decided to make their home a few miles south of Fort Langley in a heavily wooded area on the summit of a hill. Here Paul and his sons felled a mighty fir tree and made a crude shelter. In the “lean to” they made bunk beds.

In this primitive dwelling, Lucy and her three daughters came home. As many of the pioneer women before them, they set out to make the place livable. When they were settled Lucy bought two milk cows and some heifers from the Hudson's Bay Company in Fort Langley. She also bought some chickens and turkeys from the local natives. Truly a Proverb 31 Woman.

The Murray family lived in these primitive quarters for three years while Paul and his sons cleared land and built a house.

Paul's sons, John, Bill and Alexander worked with William Vannetta and Alexander Murchison on improving the Yale wagon trail. (currently Old Yale Road and 48th Avenue.) Paul and his sons also. were involved in construction of other buildings, in order to increase commerce in the area.. Bill Murray built the “Murray House”, which came to be known as The Travelers Hotel.

Alexander died in a rowboat accident on the Fraser River. He tried to save his companion but they both drowned. Alexander is buried at the Murrayville Cemetery.

Two of their married daughters, Mary, )Mrs. Black, married to Thomas Black and Annie, (Mrs. Isaacson, married to Christian Isaacson) homesteaded near their parents and brothers farms.

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